Unfortunately, we no longer do tours to the lion parks, not due to problems at the parks but due to people spreading false rumours that the lions and the cubs will be shot, which is not true, and this has put too much of a strain on the business and leading people to boycott my company for no good reason.

This has led to my decision of not taking people from Lufthansa there any more rather than lose more business, I can still do the Pilansberg Tour alone or with the Elephants but not the baby lions up until people realise and start supporting that not all places are bad places!

I can refer some good guides who still offer this tour if you wish to go.

Above is a big billboard that the park has put up around Johannesburg, the same park who is the #1 recommended destination on trip advisor (that checks everything to make sure it is legitimate!)

As soon as there is enough people backing my decision to go to either Ukutula Lion Park or the Lion & safari Park, we will resume the tours. It does not help that on Lufthansa’s layover information there is a link to the youtube video of the volunteer falsely stating that the lions get shot and what a bad place it is. (Again, not true, yet people choose to believe 1 video)